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Get Your Message Across With the Expert Whitepaper Designers

The Whitepaper People are home to the specialist whitepaper designers to help you bring your marketing documents to life and really make an impact on your target market. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a ‘flick’ through some of our whitepaper designs and see what you think.

Does your business need a graphical ebook or a report designed to help you connect with your customers? If so, you’re certainly in the right place. Our great looking PDF whitepaper designs make use of vivid and vibrant styles to really grab the attention of your target market.

One of the key challenges facing modern businesses is finding ways to share your expertise and build trust without investing huge amounts of time and money. Publishing your own whitepaper is a sure fire way to achieve these things.

However, getting the right message is only half the battle because if your document isn’t beautifully presented it could end up portraying your business in a poor light. In fact, a poorly formatted and messy looking ebook could actually harm your business’s credibility. That’s where we come in…

  • Corporate whitepaper design for business
  • Marketing report design for your sales team
  • Annual report design
  • Promotional ebook design
  • Free ebook design for use as lead bait
  • Whitepaper design for all purposes
Whitepaper Designs to Boost Your Credibility

Whatever your industry sector or the nature of your particular business, you can rest assured that our stunning report, ebook and whitepaper designs will really bring your communications to life and help you to connect with your audience, building credibility and reinforcing your sales and marketing proposition.

All of our report/ whitepaper design packages include the sourcing of any necessary stock photography [from licensed stock photo sites] and unlimited design revisions until you are 100% happy with everything. This means you can be confident of a great looking end result and fantastic value for money.

We’ve designed whitepapers and reports for all kinds of clients including:
  • Content marketing agencies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Marketing agencies and professionals
  • Fitness companies and personal trainers
  • Financial advisers
  • Publishing houses
  • Business to business service providers
  • Alternative and holistic therapists
  • Heavy industries
  • Legal advisors
  • Estate agents and property developers
  • and many more…

The whole process couldn’t be simpler, all we need from you is a fully edited and proof read Word document [or equivalent], along with your logo, and we do the rest. After taking an initial design brief from you, we’ll come up with the ideas to ensure that your whitepaper or ebook stands head and shoulders above all of your competition. So, please feel free to place your order online today.

Just a Few of the People We’ve Done Work For:

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Stunning Whitepaper Designs

Great looking designs to get you noticed.

Free Stock Photo Sourcing

We source high quality images for you.

Fantastic Value

All of this at an affordable price.

Great Value Report , Ebook & Whitepaper Design Packages

Up to 25 Pages


  • Upto 25 A4 pages
  • Full colour cover and interior design
  • Free 3D cover
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Free image sourcing
  • Digital PDF File
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Up to 100 Pages


  • Upto 100 A4 pages
  • Full colour cover and interior design
  • Free 3D cover
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Free image sourcing
  • Digital PDF File
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Why Your Business Should Publish a Whitepaper or Report

Publishing a report, whitepaper or ebook is a great marketing strategy for any type of business, large or small. If you want to drive growth and increase your sales and conversions, then creating an ebook or whitepaper is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do so.

It’s vital to appreciate that your ebook should be representative of your brand. Therefore, there is no point whatsoever in creating an badly thought out, poor quality whitepaper just for the sake of creating one. A well produced ebook should provide real value to your potential clients. It should help your client bases whilst also engaging and inspiring them.

Think of your customers

Your ebook or whitepaper should be packed full of awesome advice and information. This information should be highly relevant to your industry – and perfectly tailored to the needs of your potential customers.

Think of your whitepaper as a platform for you to show off your expertise in your particular field. Whatever it is that business does well, talk about it and shout it from the rooftops in a way that is genuinely helpful to your target market.

Shout it from the rooftops

Publishing your ebook is your time to shine. Demonstrate your company’s knowledge and skills so that your readers are left in no doubt that you are knowledgeable and true experts at what you do.

Ebooks and whitepapers can take on a life of their own and can even go viral – as long as your content is sufficiently useful and interesting, so that people talk about it and share it on social media. Think of your whitepaper as a distinct marketing tool to carry the message about your business and your niche.

Trust and credibility are essential elements in your relationship with your customer base. Any potential client who has invested the time to read your ebook and has gained the information they were looking, is far more likely to view your business as a credible source of expertise and information on your chosen subject matter.

Don’t forget to include a few links some of your other online resources or landing pages. This way, you can use your ebook to extend your sales net and open up the sales funnel for potential customers. Let us demonstrate why we really are the best whitepaper designers to bring your project to life, get in touch with us today.